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Walker Display is Moving! Lord Willing.

Walker Display is planning to move into a new location sometime this summer.  We moved into our current location at 6520 Grand Avenue, Duluth, MN in 1990 and it has been such a blessing for us.  But now, with talks of a gas station/convenience store wanting to purchase our current property to build a new station we believe it is time to make the move.

Walker Display

Sign as you enter current home of Walker Display

Walker Display

Current home of Walker Display.

The location of the new gas station will be perfect as it is on a busy intersection with two alternate roads to the freeway and the last gas station before entering the freeway from the west.

Walker Display’s new location (Lord willing!) will be perfect in that it is closer to two of our suppliers and is out of the way of the busy daily life. We can look outside right now and see the speeding cars go to and fro which doesn’t help as much as it will a gas station.

We will have to build an extension to the building (shown below) as it was previously used as a photography studio not needing much space.  The new location will be such a blessing for us.

Walker Display

New Home for Walker Display! (Photo credit: Dan Grandmaison)

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