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Where to Hang Pictures Anyhow?

Ever wonder how high to hang your photos or artwork on the wall? And not only that, where to position them horizontally on the wall?  More to the left?  More to the right?

A quick google search suggests that the height of the center of the artwork ranges from 58″ to 66″.   With that said, there is really no set height.  It can be quite discomforting once you hammer in a nail in your wall and soon realize that you hung the photo too high or too low or too far to the left or right.   Here lies one reason why the Walker Display picture hanging system works so well.  Once you have installed the top molding you may adjust the horizontal or vertical position of the photos with ease while leaving your walls free from multiple nail holes to fix.  And what if you have a collage of photos and decide to change one photo size from 8×10 to 11×17 in a year thus possibly requiring a shift in all the photos?  To fix so many nail holes would be daunting.  Our system makes it easy to endlessly re-position your art.


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