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Why Having an Adjustable Picture Hanging System is Good


There’s lots of reasons to this.  Let us explain:

  1.  It’s far too often when you measure and measure again to put that nail in the wall and realize the photo is completely out of place thereby leaving you with a hole in the wall.
  2.  After awhile, you’ll be looking at your prized piece of art and decide it’s time for a change.  Again, you could be stuck with another hole in the wall.
  3.  Have you ever held photos up to the wall and had someone else stand back to see if it would look good?  Imagine everyone standing back while the Walker System held the photo.  Simply walk up and make quick adjustments vertically and horizontally to perfect the position.
  4. The Walker System is a perfect fit for art galleries always changing photos and pieces of art around.  No more filling in all those nail holes.  When you get a new piece simply adjust the surrounding photos/art.

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